About us

The Ricciotti family of Fabriano has given birth to three generations of restorers and engravers. The founder, Stefano Ricciotti was born in 1921 and worked until 1937 in Ivo Quagliarini’s furniture workshop, a cabinetmaker and an expert of wood carving and inlay work.








The young apprentice Stefano Ricciotti, learned the art and secrets of restoration and cabinet making, and had the opportunity to collaborate on the creation of furniture appreciated by art connoisseurs throughout Italy and had the privilege to work with the Quirinal Palace. After being involved in the two wars, Stefano has dedicated his life to his only passion of wood carving and inlay work in his historic laboratory on the Via Damiano Chiesa in Fabriano, a passion so strong that has passed to his son Enrico, restorer since 1980.




Currently the flag of family tradition is held by Alessio, Enrico’s son, since 1994 he has passionately devoted himself with professionalism to the restoration of antiques, arts and crafts.

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